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3cc (3ml) - 20 G x 1" Luer-Lok Sterile Syringe & Needle Combo
Sterile - Individually packaged

3cc (3ml) - 20 G x 1" Luer-Lok Sterile Syringe & Needle Combo

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Luer Lock Syringe with Needle Combo 3ml 20g x 1" needle. Buy Syringe and Needles at lowest prices offered online. All Syringes and Needles are available without a prescription. Delivered directly from our door to your home/office.

Features an ultra sharp needle designed to minimize pain and discomfort for patients. These syringes offer

  • clear barrels for easier viewing and bold defined scale markings for more accurate dosage control
  • perfect for hospitals and clinics
  • Sterile Individually wrapped
  • Latex Free

Luer Lock syringes are available in 3 cc, 5 cc and 10 cc capacities and come complete with luer lock tips for added convenience. Latex free, Syringes and Needle combo's are offered in a wide variety of styles and sizes and are sold 50 syringes per box.

QUESTION: How many "mL" in a "cc"
ANSWER: They are the same. They are measurements related to volume. The metric system has been coordinated so that length measurements are easily compared to volume measurements. The amount of volume of fluid that would fit in one cubic centimeter will be the same amount of volume of fluid that would fit in one milliliter. 
You may interchange them. 3ml=3c

QUESTION: What is a gauge? 
ANSWER: The Needle size are available in a wide variety of diameters (thickness of the needle) and are described by the gauge. The "smaller" the Gauge number the "thicker" the needle. If you were injecting oil or thicker based products you would require a thicker needle for the fluid to pass, therefore a 28 or smaller would suffice. The same is true for thinner based medication,  you would use a thinner needle

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