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Golden Beaded G-Spot Jack Rabbit Vibrator
Golden Beaded G-Spot Jack Rabbit Vibrator

Golden Beaded G-Spot Jack Rabbit Vibrator

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Are you looking for more satisfying sensations and stronger orgasms? 

This golden beaded rabbit vibe's spinning tip tickles your G-Spot, Vibrating rabbit ears tease your clit, Swirl-covered shaft and massage beads stimulate your vagina with every move. Dual motors provide extra power and maximize your stimulation. Play with 10 rotation speeds and 10 vibration functions.Waterproof for fun in the bathtub and shower. Package includes: 1*vibrator, 1* USB charger cable

Material: pure soft Silicone+ABS 
Length: 10 inches, insertable length: 5 inches, diameter: 1.26 inches. 
USB charging, full-charged can stand-by 3~4 hours. 
Ultra-quiet design. 
360 degrees rotation speed. 
Dual Motor Shock Super Speed. 

Orgasm button: The frequency of the highest strength and speed combination; let sex passion bursts, to stimulate the most powerful orgasm experience. 

Random button: You never know when in the next moment  how it will get you excited. 
combination of uncertain frequency and speed, so you often unpredictable, allows you to get high! 

1.Press HIGH/Random button Turn on,Normal roating to left. 
2.Press R/S button first time,Turn to roating to right. 
3.PressR/S button second times,Roating to left and right in 2 seconds. 
4.Press R/S button third times,Roating to left and right in 5 seconds. 
5.Press R/S button fourth times,Roating to left in 2seconds then roating to right in 5seconds. 
6.Press R/S button fifth times, Roating to left in 5seconds then roating to right.

 So many buttons and fun things it does by Meowster

I am always up for trying new toys because they are all different in their own way! So many buttons and fun things it does, just holy cow! Well this vibrator is ridiculous. So trying to turn it off was difficult at first but I figured it out! The "high" button is the off button, that's also the "orgasm" button so if you are in the middle of things do not hold it when you press the high button or you will turn it off and that would certainly suck. This vibrator is also rechargeable so no batteries it comes with a USB charging cable which is fantastic now I'll save money on batteries. To charge it the bottom screws off and the adapter port is right there, charge it anywhere you have a USB port. It has so many different vibration patterns and frequencies I gave up on trying to count how many. There are continuous, pulsing, revving, and climbing vibration patterns. It also has rotating beads in the shaft and they can rotate left or right. The rib ration that the rabbit has is wicked. You can make the rotating beads go slower or faster and you can make the vibration faster or slower with the + and - buttons. I like to call those buttons volume buttons because if you are anything like me and are vocal different combinations make you louder or softer! whether you were by yourself or with your partner is definitely a fun toy to have around. My husband likes to use it on me and tease me. I'm extremely satisfied with how well this toy works and would recommend it to anyone looking for an advanced toy to have in the bedroom. These are absolutely my very own honest opinions after having received and tried this product at a discounted rate in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.
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