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Lo-Bak TRAX - PORTABLE, SPINAL TRACTION...Easy, Comfortable & FDA Validated Back Pain Relief

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Lo-Bak TRAX functions on 2 simple biomechanical principles. 

1) A Flat spine requires less force to traction or decompress. 
2) Pushing is easier than pulling. 

As simple as it sounds, Spinal Traction/Decompression has never been done like this before. 

This is according to the FDA who told us they had never seen a device designed to function like Lo-Bak TRAX and that we were introducing new scientific technology to Spinal traction. Lo-Bak TRAX is the first device to allow you to Target your pain exactly, either side to side or up and down your back. 
You can take control of your life and treat your back pain at home, comfortably in less than 10 min/day. Anywhere you can lie down you can perform Lo-Bak TRAX. You can even take it on long drives, on vacation or keep one in your cubicle at work because of it's portability. 

There really is nothing else like Lo-Bak TRAX so if you or a loved one has back pain? Why wouldn't you try Lo-Bak TRAX?

  • Easy, Comfortable and More Effective because you can Target Your Pain
  • You are in TOTAL CONTROL of the amount and direction of the force applied
  • Totally Portable, weighs less than 4 lb's and can fit in a suitcase
  • Hand welded at 5 different points and comes with a lifetime guarantee against breakage

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